WHEW! Check It Out! There’s A LOT Going On At Tim Crough Fitness!

tim_croughWritten by Tim Crough, Fitness Entrepreneur | Performance Coach |Wellness Evangelist | Husband/Daddy | Striving for Humility | Ski Bum Wannabe

It’s been an exciting and busy last couple of months around Tim Crough Fitness, which is why it’s been awhile since my last blog post.

Take a few minutes and learn about all of the exciting things we’ve got going on!


This Summer we got the opportunity to expand into the adjacent space next door to our studio, which gave us a larger space for more classes and allows us the opportunity to reach even more people with our unique fitness message.

As we began the expansion process, my job description was altered a bit — more general contractor, less fitness instructor.

We had lots of help from loved ones and a little professional help too. Travis and Joe of Catalyst Construction built the impressive retro barn door between the spaces that’s closed off when we need two defined rooms.  twospaces 

Doubling our space gave us the ability to use what we call the Move Right KC studio for warm-ups, body weight exercise and for our growing kids classes.

Our friends Krista Eyler (aka Funky Mamaand Julia Harkleroad, a Licenced Family Therapist, were excited to hear about these classes and encouraged us to create even more.

Our classes help the development of motor-learning and sensory skills, which give children the best opportunity to thrive.  kids


We hired a new movement coach, Lauren Klein, who spent months studying under Aaron Hannon, our Lead Movement Coach. Lauren is a certified yoga instructor with a strong gymnastics and dance background.

She’s leaving in November for India where she’ll continue her yoga and movement education, and then will return in December. You’ll love Lauren’s friendly disposition and grounding presence. 



The idea that movement is greater than fitness or Movement > Fitness is counter to fitness culture. We have a passionate belief that you can achieve your fitness goals while simultaneously eliminating and preventing pain.

Clients like Missy Johnson are living proof. Missy is defying what she thought was possible. Her chronic knee pain has significantly reduced and her most recent blood work showed that not only is she losing weight, but more importantly she’s actually changing her health for today and tomorrow.

Check out the video below to hear what Missy has to say about her experience at Tim Crough Fitness…

Missy and people like her are why we’re expanding our reach with the Move Right KC studio. This new space provides more room so you can learn to move better without using machines that ruin your movement skills.

After all, we’re just trying to live life well. We can work on our careers as fitness models another time. 🙂

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