“The thing I’m most proud of is our culture. We have a community who genuinely cares for each other and because the workouts are personalized, there is an overwhelming sense of mutual encouragement. .” – Tim Crough

Move Right KC Founder Tim Crough, earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from Kansas University where he coached Jayhawk athletes in the Strength and Conditioning Dept. He continued coaching with the Colorado Rockies organization before heading back home to KC to train and coach in the private sector.

During his personal training career, he began to find solutions to his own nagging pain through smarter training. Applying these same techniques with his clients, Tim began to merge “rehab type” exercises with appropriate intensive training to optimize the body. This was a healthier and more productive form of fitness and so moving right (through establishing neutral posture and improving major joint mobility) became the only way Tim was training his client base.

In 2014, Tim decided that bringing the Move Right way of training to a larger audience meant opening a fitness studio to impact more people. And with the help of Dustin Yantzi, CSCS, a new system of smarter fitness was in place that uses extensive assessments to program very individualized workouts that people execute within a small group of six people or less.

Being healthy so you can love big is a passion for Tim, who lives in Lenexa with his wife Jenna and daughter Isabella. They love hiking and biking the local trails and just being outdoors as much as possible. Tim believes experiencing as much fitness as possible outside the gym in your daily activities is what fitness inside the gym should equip you for.

Tim Crough

CSCS, FMS, MovNat L1, NASM golf, Westside Barbell Certified

Dustin Yantzi, Lead Coach at Move Right KC, has a keen eye for moving right. More than six years ago, Dustin reached out to Tim, who would later mentor Dustin, with training questions that were several years beyond his age. It’s almost unheard of to quit playing college football so he could dedicate his time to helping his teammates achieve their athletic goals, but that’s what Dustin did, and that’s who Dustin is.

Dustin is a graduate of Avila University with a Kinesiology degree and an unquenchable passion for learning. He is the primary creator of the Move Right KC Assessment protocol that has separated MRKC from the competition when it comes to exercise programming. He specializes in getting people to move better (right) and helping them reach every goal they’ve imagined and some they may have never thought attainable. He’s trained everyone from professional athletes to grandparents who chase their grandkids. Dustin loves coaching hard and has a disciplined work ethic, but it never supersedes his ethos of coaching smart.

If you want to see Dustin glow, just ask about his new baby girl Aubrey and his wife Savannah, they are the joy of his life and make him who he is — a person you need to know to truly appreciate how much he cares.

Dustin Yantzi
Exercise Technician, Programmer & Lead Coach


Gabby is our jack-of-all-trades Small Group Movement Coach. A chronic crossfitter is how she would have described herself before chronic injury spurred her to make a change in her fitness routine. At the crossroads of healing, playful movement and weightlifting is where Gabby ended her search for the perfect workout. Gabby loves going hard with heavy squat and having fun with challenging handstands. She believes that striking a balance between mindful movement and safe training is the key to moving right.

It’s because Gabby understands pain along with the gnawing drive to achieve physically that makes her a burgeoning Move Right Coach. She believes your physical goals don’t have to be sacrificed for your wellbeing.

Gabby is open and fun-loving and is constantly getting excited about innovation and new ideas. She also enjoys bouldering, acroyoga, being upside-down and knowing as much as possible about nutrition. It’s learning different perspectives and thoughts on exercise and life that makes Gabby who she is, which is why we love her.

Gabby Jane LoScalzo
Personal Trainer

Jamie Rae, our Nutrition guru and Movement coach, graduated from William Jewell College with a Sports Training and Sports Management degree, where she was a four-year starter on the women’s Soccer team along with being an Academic All-American. After graduation, Jamie found mentors that helped guide her passions from helping empower others towards optimizing their health and well-being.

Her philosophy of specified training stems from years of experience and knowledge in personal training and nutrition. No two people are alike and their training and nutrition shouldn’t be either. Jamie believes just because something worked for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for another person. Jamie embraces individuality in all aspects of life and has soft spot for dogs (especially dachshunds) and hugs. At her heart, Jamie is an athlete and loves moving and most all activities. Jamie’s motto…”count me in”.

Jamie Rae Skahan Personal Trainer, Small Group Coach